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Direct Marketing » Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 03.11.2015

3 interesting direct mail formats

Despite the rise of internet and social media marketing, direct mail is still in a great way to interact with your customers and generate new leads. In fact, the increasing popularity of the internet for marketing purposes has had a positive effect on direct mail, as it has forced it to evolve to do things that the internet and screens aren't able to. New and innovative direct mail designs that make full use of direct mail's physical qualities are starting to appear in our letterboxes, including: folded paper structures, pop out cards and 3D mailings. Need some new ideas to keep your direct mail fresh in the internet age? Here are three interesting and innovative ways to package your direct mail and wow your readers.

1. Paper structures

Paper structures are perfect for building your brand and engaging with your customers. Posted as a flat piece of paper or card, paper structures come with instructions that tell the recipient how to fold and construct it into a shape or structure. When built, the structure usually emphasises the key messages of the mailing and the brand, for example, if it builds into a cube, the brand name will be shown on each side.

2. Pop outs

Pop outs are folded pieces of card, with paper inside that pops out when the folded card is opened. They are very useful for direct mailing, featuring a lot of information that would look overwhelming when presented normally on a A4 piece of paper or card. The pop out function draws your readers in, and spurs them to read the text that they've uncovered. Traditionally used for pocket maps, the pop out mailing is also useful for large graphics or photographs and for sending out coupons or offers to your customers. The outer card is perfect for glossy, high quality images, which can make an immediate statement about your brand.

3. 3D mailers

3D is exciting, interesting and will definitely wow your prospective customers or clients. Posted with a pair of 3D glasses folded inside the mailing, 3D mailers are great for showcasing new products, as it allows your readers to see them close up and in 3D. 3D mailers are somewhat expensive to product, but can work wonders for new product campaigns.