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Wholesale Solutions

Asendia is a joint venture between two of the world’s postal giants, La Poste and Swiss Post. So, by working with us you have direct access to a postal network that delivers to over 220 destinations and solutions for Direct Mail, Business Mail, Goods and Press.

Asendia offers its best rates to wholesale customers, because they provide us with high volumes of mail that is typically pre-sorted and presented to us in a state that requires less work for Asendia to undertake in our sorting office. Examples of wholesales customers include:

  • mail consolidators
  • mailing houses
  • fulfilment centres
  • printers
  • post rooms
  • logistics and courier companies.

We have a dedicated Wholesale Team whose job is to underpin its Wholesale client base. We are here to support Wholesale clients with their mailings, advise them of the best routes and services, optimise costs and develop solutions to suit the industry.

In order to process and send mail globally, efficiently and in great volumes, we operate our own air conveyance unit at the UK’s main international airport, Heathrow.

Although the Asendia UK Wholesale Team is small, we have over 70 years’ experience between us in the mail industry.

We are dedicated to providing our Wholesale clients with

  • excellent product knowledge
  • customer service excellence
  • a proactive response
  • consultative and constructive advice.


Network Access Partnership (NAP)

NAP is designed to suit the needs of all our Wholesale clients and we offer a range of products to accommodate the needs of PPOs, mailing houses and consolidators all over the world:

  • NAP Channels
  • NAP Destination
  • NAP Downstream.


NAP Channels

NAP Channels is a specific channel, jointly agreed between the Wholesale client and Asendia UK, including distribution and line-haul. The channels available are:

  • Terminal Dues La Poste and Swiss Post - utilising UPU Bi-lateral and Mulltilateral (REIMS) agreements for final delivery of international mail
  • Direct Entry Mail – utilising the domestic products with specific country conditions of the receiving PPO for the delivery of mail
  • Direct Entry Press – utilising the domestic press stream for the exclusive delivery of periodicals, journals and newspapers
  • Alternative Delivery Solutions (ADS) – utilising ADS including PPOs and hand delivery companies. All local suppliers are tested, approved and quality monitored
  • Tracked Packets – utilising a combination of PPOs and parcel providers to deliver a tracked service suitable for the delivery of goods.


NAP Destination

NAP Destination is a cost-optimised offer for Priority and Non-Priority mail requiring minimal sortation and preparation. The routing of the mail is chosen by Asendia UK employing  a combination of the above channels.

NAP Downstream

NAP Downstream is for Wholesale clients who have the capability of processing mail themselves to UPU standards and who are looking for a delivery partner. NAP Downstream enables the client  to access our air conveyance network.


Client Benefits

Working with the Wholesale team at Asendia UK, a global operator with a heritage hard to match, brings a host of advantages for Wholesale clients.

Our clients reap the benefits of:

  • the combined expertise of two International Post Offices
  • a dedicated Wholesale Team
  • two Terminal Dues‘ options
  • direct distribution to 220 destinations
  • the broadest range of ADS, Press, Direct Entry and Tracked services
  • training workshops available on all our services
  • a friendly and knowledgeable team, understanding and anticipating the Wholesale client‘s needs.


Contact our Wholesale Team

Dedicated, expert team on 01234 848415


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Contact our Wholesale Team
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