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Press & Publishing

As a media or publishing company, do you mail journals, newspapers or magazines? Asendia can design distribution solutions, or fully integrated fulfilment and distribution solutions to suit you.

The same applies for direct marketing mail products that are designed to boost customer loyalty and acquire customers.

Specialist mail distribution solutions for publications

Asendia provides specialist distribution solutions to the press and publishing sector. We work with over 200 publishers, and mail many of the UK's best known magazines worldwide, plus many niche journals too.

We provide solutions where lowest cost delivery is the priority, and solutions where speed of delivery is the key driver. And although our prices are very competitive we will never cut corners. We appreciate that your publications need to be delivered in good condition and on time.

  • Priority mail
  • Standard/Economy mail
  • Press services (Presstream equivalents in other countries)
  • Direct entry
  • Newsstand distribution
  • Delivering to over 220 destinations worldwide


Magazine and journal mailing fulfilment

With 5 Sitma polywrapping lines, colour and mono printing, inkjet personalisation, and a range of inserting options, Asendia can handle mailings of 100 or 1 million publications. We handle hundreds of titles, from high profile B2C magazines to niche B2B journals.

  • 5 Sitma polywrapping lines (Bedford and Southampton)
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Colour or mono printing of address carrier sheets
  • Up to 10 inserts
  • Selective insertion available
  • Covermounting
  • Supply plain, printed, and varying grades of polythene
  • Preparation for postal distribution, and bulk distribution

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Direct mail services

Asendia UK offers an end to end direct mail solution for publishers. We handle acquisition direct mail campaigns, subscription renewals, order acknowledgement letters, and cross selling initiatives.

  • Mailing lists, data cleaning, and address management
  • In-house digital printing and print management
  • 5 Envelope inserting machines
  • Handwork
  • Mail sorting (UK and international)
  • UK and global direct mail postal services
  • Returns management and data capture
  • Response handling

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Subscriptions management and fulfilment

Our 63,000 sq ft Response Handling and Fulfilment Centre provides a range of services utilised by publishers:

  • Contact centre
  • Order fulfilment
  • Promotional campaign fulfilment
  • Competition handling
  • Subscription direct mail and letters

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Explore our fulfilment solutions

With 5 Sitma polywrapping lines, laser and inkjet addressing we provide complete solutions. We are PPA approved too.

From printing and mailing of subs letters and direct mail, to back issue fulfilment and order processing.

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Photos of our UK mailing houses

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