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Articles, Tips, and Useful Information

Welcome to the article library of Asendia UK. Here we will provide content that we hope you find valuable including how-to guides, top ten recommendations, whitepapers and reports.

We will cover a variety of subjects and sectors, but all closely related to helping you succeed in: distance selling and ecommerce, direct mail, magazine publishing, print, mailing and distribution.

Our aim is to help you maximise your ROI, and provide best practice guidelines for working with print, fulfilment, and postal services.

Direct mail fulfilment blogDirect mail marketing articles

Asendia is responsible for millions of direct mail pieces per month. We help customers with data, fulfilment, postage, and response management. This experience gives us the opportunity to help customers maximise their ROI from direct mail.

Direct mail articles



Ecommerce and distance selling articles

Asendia works with hundreds of ecommerce companies, from household names to start-ups. We help businesses keep their distribution and fulfilment costs low, and enable them to enter new markets internationally. 

Ecommerce articles



Mailing fulfilment blogMail fulfilment and mail distribution articles

Asendia UK has a heritage of over 40 years, providing mailing and fulfilment solutions to 1000's of companies. We are well positioned to offer advise on choosing mailing houses, making the most of their services, and provide tips to help your mailings run smoothly.

Mailing fulfilment advice