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Mailing fulfilment blog

Mailing fulfilment and distribution articles

Asendia UK has a heritage of over 40 years, providing mailing solutions to 1000's of companies. We are well positioned to offer advise on choosing mailing houses, making the most of their services, and provide tips to help your mailings run smoothly.

What should I look for when choosing a mailing house? >>

Choose the wrong mailing house and you could lose money, lose customers and jeopardise your reputation. So where should you start?

How can I reduce my postage costs? >>

Keep your mailing costs down to a minimum by using a mailing house to send your mail. But how does it work to your advantage?

How much do UK mailing services cost? >>

Posted mail is still the most effective communication channel. So how do you determine how much it costs?

Top 5 benefits from outsourcing your order fulfilment to a fulfilment house >>

Delivering your products to the customer is key but time consuming. Is outsourcing the fulfilment of orders the answer?

Should I handle my mailing in-house or use a mailing house? >>

It could be a false economy tying up your staff resources on fufilling your mailings in-house. Why not use a specialist mailing house?

What's the difference between stamps, franking, and other mailing services? >>

Knowing the difference could save you a lot of money and hassle. Here's those all important facts before deciding what's best for your business.

What quality accreditations should your mailing house have? >>

Accreditations make a company stand out from the crowd. Ensure your mailing house has proven professional endorsements.

What's all the hype about transporting lithium batteries? >>

Find out why transporting something as small as lithium batteries is a cause for concern for postal and logistics companies.

Limited Quantities guidance in the postal network >>

A mass of rules and regulations surround the transport of Limited Quantities of Dangerous Goods. Here's some help to make more sense of it.

What can you send in the post internationally?>>

With improved logistics networks and numerous sender options, it's never been easier to post internationally. Find out what you can and can't send?

What is the cost of sending international mail to the USA?>>

Sending mail and goods to the USA may be less expensive than you think. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the pitfalls and save money.

What is the cost of sending international mail to Australia?>>

Sending mail and goods to Australia may be less expensive than you think. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the pitfalls and save money.

Are there specific mailing services for direct mail?>>

Using a mailing house to despatch - and even create - your direct mail campaigns is cost-effective and reliable. Here's why.

Response rates - what to expect and how to improve them?>>

Maximise your posted direct mail response rates, leading to increased sales and ROI. Here are a few helpful tips.

What is the cost of sending international mail to France?>>

Sending international mail to France is simple … as long as you use a mailing distributor with the right connections. Get connected here.

Should I use a courier service or tracked mail service?>>

Internet retailers need to ensure their ecommerce goods arrive safely with the customer, at home and abroad. Here's a few tried-and-tested mailing solutions.

How can mailing houses reduce my postage costs?>>

As direct mail continues to hit the consumer button, using a mailing house can help you reduce your postage costs. Here's how.

What parcel services exist from the UK to France?>>

Ensure your ecommerce parcels and packets arrive safely in France with a growing French consumer market. Here's the ideal solution.

Are there specific mailing services for business mail?>>

Use specific mailing services for business mail and you'll find a complete solution to your company's postage needs. Here's how.