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Asendia’s response to the Daily Mail article

11th October 2016

Asendia is saddened to read about the people affected by abuse of the postal system; and finds the practice of using mail as a media for illegal purposes deplorable. Asendia is a business with strong values and a proud heritage, and we empathise with anyone affected by criminal activity. 

Asendia transports bulk mail cross-border for thousands of reputable businesses from all across the world, with millions of items processed each week; and this mail is already sealed in envelopes. The national and international rules about postal secrecy – including the 2000 Postal Services Act in the UK - do not allow Asendia to see the contents of the mailings handed over by our customers; Only the sender, the printer, mailing house and the recipient can see it. 

As part of Asendia’s general terms and conditions, our customers are required to ensure mail items meet all relevant laws and regulations. We have fully cooperated with Trading Standards, and will cease supplying any company guilty of breaking the law. 

We face a big challenge in keeping up to date with the evolving practises fraudsters use. Like with other media - email, SMS, telephone, online, etc – fraudsters using mail are becoming more innovative, and we are also dealing with businesses all over the world which adds to the complexity. However, Asendia is committed to help ensure that the postal system is not abused, and we will be working closely with other postal operators involved in the supply chain and all competent authorities to identify how the industry can tackle this issue even better. Plus we continue to support agencies, such as the Trading Standards, to increase detection of scam mail. 


You can report it to Royal Mail by completing a Scam Mail Report and sending it to the Freepost address below. Also send any items of mail that you believe to be from fraudsters. Alternatively you can contact them via the email or telephone options below: By post: FREEPOST SCAM MAIL By Telephone: 03456 113 413 (message service only) By Email: 


 Any further enquiries should be emailed to

Asendia signs Sales Partnership Agreement with Israel Post

Bern, 30th August 2016

Asendia – the Joint Venture between La Poste and Swiss Post – has agreed on a sales partnership with Israel Post for e-commerce solutions to this market. This partnership will unlock potential for retailers looking to expand their commerce to Israel, a destination with many opportunities.

Being ranked third in the world for online purchases, the Israeli e-commerce market offers an interesting and enticing marketplace for international businesses, with an expected annual revenue growth of 8.26%, which will result in a market volume of 4’917 mUSD by 2020. 91% of the Israeli internet users have purchased items online, resulting in three million packages sent per month in 2015. It’s highly urbanized population of 8 million produced one of the highest global smartphone penetration of 75% in 2015, with one of three online purchases carried out via smartphone. These strong and growing figures illustrate the opportunities for retailers in the Israeli e-commerce market.

In order to support retailers seeking to expand to Israel, Asendia and Israel Post have agreed on a global sales partnership for e-commerce solutions. Thanks to this agreement, retailers will have access to very competitive and qualitative solutions with the service “Fully Tracked Goods” to Israel.

Marc Pontet, CEO Asendia Group says: 

“Israel has a promising and steadily growing e-commerce market, offering a wide variety of options for retailers. The partnership with Israel Post will create many opportunities  for e-shoppers from UK, the USA and continental Europe.”  

Israel Post is the largest last mile provider for main e-commerce marketplaces in the country. It’s three main sorting centers handle 1.8 million items per day and 2200 postmen and subcontractors deliver to every locality in Israel. The service quality stands out.

Fully-tracked Goods 

Home delivery is a key driver of growth for cross-border e-commerce. The service of “Fully-tracked Goods” offered by Asendia well responds to this market need. It enables retailers to send packets up to 2kg through the national postal operator. Items are delivered to the door of the addressee. Bulky or heavy items are delivered at a collection point. The goods are fully tracked and recipient can gain information about the delivery status effortlessly. 

Asendia in partnership with the Woodland Trust

London, Monday 1st August 2016

 Asendia is sending a huge message to the environment – by mitigating its carbon through planting trees.

Asendia UK has planted enough trees to fill 17 football pitches in the UK since signing up to our Woodland Carbon initiative to reduce its carbon emissions.

Woodland Carbon allows businesses to mitigate harmful carbon by planting trees in several of our UK woodlands.

Since 2014 it has mitigated 5,500 tonnes of CO2 – equivalent to taking a return flight from London to Hong Kong 1618 times!

Head of Marketing at Asendia UK, Elliott Mallows said: “As a forward thinking, modern company Asendia UK recognises that it must do all it can to neutralise any impact it has on the environment!

“We’re very proud to be part of the Woodland Trust project to reduce our carbon footprint, not only to help protect our environment but also to create and preserve woodland areas across the UK.”

As Asendia UK enters its third year with the project, it wants to encourage other companies to join with the Woodland Trust to reduce the impact of their own carbon emissions.

He said: “Every company, big or small, has responsibility to our planet’s future” adds Elliott: “Whether you’re a leading mail delivery solution provider like Asendia UK, or a small local business, the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme gives you a chance to create a cleaner environment for future generations.

”Over the course of its life, one tree can soak up one tonne of CO2. One tree can also soak up as much carbon as a car produces while driving 26,000 miles.

The facts:

Asendia UK was created when La Poste UK, Swiss Post, BTB Mailflight and Pitney Bowes IMS UK came together in 2012.

The business currently has an £80 million turnover and employees 350 people in the UK.

The business has created woodland the size of 17 football pitches through mitigating its carbon through our Woodland Carbon scheme.

Asendia UK Ltd nominated for first award

London, Thursday 30th January 2014

Newly merged postal distribution company Asendia UK has started its first month on a high – with a nomination for a top industry award.

The Delivery Excellence Awards will be announced during the MetaPack Delivery Conference on 4th February in London. Asendia, a joint venture between postal giants La Poste and Swiss Post, which also amalgamates Pitney Bowes IMS UK and BTB Mailflight, has been nominated for the “Best International Initiative”.

The nomination has been made by a panel of leading industry experts, the speakers at the MetaPack Conference and a public vote. The award will go to the carrier who has contributed the most to enabling cross-border trade and delivery worldwide, and will have helped its retail customers to access new markets and shoppers.

Asendia has a growing reputation in the ecommerce, cross-border market across the globe, sending mail and goods to over 220 destinations. The company only completed its merger on 1st January this year.

Asendia UK CEO Frédéric Petton commented: “This is an excellent start. Although the legacy companies have been significant players in the past, the merger puts us in a very strong position in the industry today and it is welcome news that we are already receiving recognition for our ecommerce cross-border services with this nomination.

“Our wealth of expertise and efficient end-to-end service – which makes us unique in the industry – helps our retail clients open up new markets and retain existing ones both in the UK and internationally.”


Asendia UK Ltd celebrates the New Year with a legal merger

London, Monday, 6th January 2014 

The final stage of the UK merger between postal giants La Poste and Swiss Post was completed on 1st January 2014. The New Year sees the culmination of the merger, legally bringing together their UK operations under the banner Asendia UK Ltd.

Asendia UK Ltd will comprise: La Poste UK Ltd (including Pitney Bowes IMS UK Ltd, acquired in June 2013), Swiss Post International (UK) Ltd and Bedfordshire-based BTB Mailflight Ltd.

The UK Head Office is located at Heathrow within the newly extended and upgraded Swiss Post International facilities. Millions of mail items are handled monthly for distribution across the globe. Mailing, printing and goods fulfilment warehouses will remain at Bedford and Southampton, with Bedford also providing a response centre, digital print and the hybrid mail service Maileva.

The CEO of Asendia UK, Frédéric Petton, said: “Everyone across the business has been working extremely hard over the past sixteen months towards the ‘unifying’ of three diverse entities into one cohesive business.  I am happy to say that so far the merger is proving to be a successful venture, and has been achieved with the minimum disruption to customers, suppliers and staff.”

Sales and Marketing Director, Lloyd Webber, added: “We have combined our expertise into a cohesive and streamlined business model, enabling our customer to access a wider range of services. With an increased customer focus in 2014, customers will discover a new way of working with our end-to-end product range providing a complete solution for their marketing, goods, press and business mail fulfilment – straight to the letterbox, anywhere in the world.”

Asendia hits cross-border e-commerce market with stronger presence

Thursday  24th October 2013

Asendia, the joint venture between two of the world's leading postal operators - La Poste and Swiss Post – is pleased to make two announcements to strengthen its presence in the cross-border e-commerce market:

·         A strategic investment in eShopWorld, a Dublin, Ireland based company which has developed a suite of technology solutions and services covering the whole international e-commerce value-chain.

·         The launch of three new Asendia e-commerce products with tracking options that will provide more secure cross-border delivery solutions to its customers.

A strategic investment in eShopWorld

Founded in 2011, eShopWorld provides e-commerce enabling solutions for on-line retailers to help them simplify extending their e-business globally: eShopWorld’s software platform, which is available in modular form or as a complete suite, provides currency conversion, duty and taxes calculation, delivery solutions, customs clearance, returns management and order payment processing. As a result, online retailers are able to offer their customers a fully transparent and complete shopping experience while providing a consistent global shopping experience to all end consumers wherever they may be. Major American and European retail groups already trust and utilise eShopWorld services.

For the past two years, eShopWorld and Asendia USA have worked together successfully in the United States. Together, Asendia and eShopWorld will combine their expertise and services to offer global e-commerce solutions to all US, European and Asian online retailers, the three prime strategic markets for both companies. As a result of its investment, Asendia is now a 40% shareholder in eShopWorld and has provided additional capital to permit the company to accelerate its development and growth.

Martin Tully, COO for eShopWorld:  

We are very excited that Asendia has become a strategic shareholder of eShopWorld. While we have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Asendia, this investment brings our partnership to a new level, and the eShopWorld team and I are delighted at the opportunities to bring a broader and deeper service offering to on-line retailers all over the world.”

For further information on eShopWorld please visit their website at

The launch of three new Asendia products

Asendia launches three new e-commerce products with tracking options that will provide more secure cross-border delivery to its customers. The products are called “Country-tracked Goods”, “Fully-tracked Goods” as well as “Premium Goods” and reflect the growing desire of customers to have a choice in the way their goods are shipped worldwide.

Tracking options range from a simple track & trace when an item departs and arrives in a country to tracking events several times a day with a confirmation  of delivery. Customers can also choose the type of notification or the level of insurance coverage. Moreover, Asendia offers its customers delivery alternatives which include personal delivery, mailbox delivery or delivery to a pick-up point.

Growth in cross-border online trade

Through the ease of use of these products, Asendia will be able to strengthen its position in the rapidly growing cross-border e-commerce market. According to the UK industry association IMRG, cross-border sales in Europe are forecast to reach € 36 billion in 2013. By the end of this decade, IMRG expects that cross-border shopping will represent a third of all online trade worldwide.

In line with these developments, “we are extremely pleased to bring our new products on the market”, said Marc Pontet, CEO Asendia. “They provide simple, convenient and secure B2C shipping solutions, in particular to international online shops that wish to offer better services to their customers.”

For further information on Asendia and the new products please visit our web site at

La Poste UK name officially changes to Asendia UK Ltd on October 1st 2013

Monday 23rd September 2013

Asendia was launched worldwide several months ago, but to date in the UK there have been 3 legal entities trading under this brand, La Poste UK, Swiss Post International UK, and BTB Mailflight.

However, with the move of La Poste UK from Slough to Heathrow where staff from former Swiss Post are based, and much administrative work now completed, we are pleased to announce that La Poste UK Ltd will change name to Asendia UK Ltd from October 1st 2013.

And by the end of the year Swiss Post UK and BTB Mailflight will also be integrated fully into Asendia UK Ltd.

CEO Frederic Petton, commented, "We are pleased that we are getting very close to having one legal entity in the UK trading as Asendia UK. This will be of benefit to customers and suppliers. The transition may have seemed like a long process, but we are bringing together four large businesses, with the acquisition of Pitney Bowes IMS too, and we wanted to ensure it was done well.

I hope that our customers and staff will agree that this considered approach has ensured that our level of service has remained high, and we are creating a business that is a great place to work too."

Asendia UK opens upgraded facility at Heathrow

London, Thursday 12th September 2013

Asendia is stepping up its presence in the global postal logistics sector with a move to a new, upgraded processing and air conveyance centre at Heathrow, following months of consolidating its business interests in the UK. 

From Monday 16th September, the new 70,000 sq ft facility close to Heathrow Airport will house staff from La Poste, Swiss Post and the recently acquired Pitney Bowes IMS UK. The building work was finished two days ahead of schedule heralding a good start to the new venture. 

Asendia is a joint undertaking between La Poste and Swiss Post, two of the world’s leading postal operators, merging their vast knowledge and expertise in postal communications, as well as optimising their extensive network of delivery routes across the globe. Asendia is already the second largest cross-border postal operator in Europe with operations worldwide. Its mission: to become the world leader in B2C solutions for global mail, bringing into play their proven upstream and downstream expertise for mail, catalogues, press and small goods. 

Bringing together the bulk UK and international mail processing side of the business under one roof allows Asendia to improve efficiency and present a cohesive business structure to all our customers, not to mention improved levels of service from every department.

Asendia UK also incorporates high-class digital printing, hybrid mail, order fulfilment and distribution facilities at sites in Bedford and Southampton, enabling the company to offer a seamless, end-to-end service to customers.

“The upgraded unit is outstanding. It will help us further strengthen our position in the global communications business, enabling us to be more efficient and offer an exceptional range of services to our current and future clients,” commented Asendia UK CEO, Frédéric Petton.

“Bringing these companies together as Asendia will unify the indisputable heritage they already enjoy individually and cement their capabilities, and with that we will substantiate our position as a major player in the world,” he added.

Asendia acquires the international mail services operations of Pitney Bowes in the UK

22 April 2013

Asendia is pleased to announce that it has agreed to acquire the international mail services operations of Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI) in the United Kingdom.

Pitney Bowes' international mail services activities encompass international mail logistics and distribution services for customers to over 215 countries. The company employs over 50 staff in the United Kingdom and has a turnover of around £15 million. Key customers include financial institutions and press and publishers.

The acquisition strengthens Asendia's market position in the United Kingdom, a key market for the company, and confirms Asendia's strategy for development and growth in cross-border mail.

The acquisition expands Asendia's capacity and opens up significant business opportunities, in particular, increasing growth and market share in cross-border e-commerce, catalogues, direct mail and press and publishing.

Commenting on the acquisition, Frederic Petton, Chief Executive, Asendia United Kingdom said: "We are excited that Pitney Bowes' international mail services operations in the United Kingdom will become part of Asendia and welcome the business' employees to our team. We look forward to working with our new customers and demonstrating to them Asendia's capability and reputation for customised, high quality, value-added, end-to-end mail solutions.

This acquisition confirms Asendia's commitment to international mail and the market, and strengthens our capabilities to respond rapidly to sustain customers' continuing need for the most comprehensive range of international mail solutions."

Press Release

15. October 2012

Asendia reveals its UK management team

Asendia UK management board combines expert knowledge and market experience of international mail. Asendia is pleased to announce the appointment of Frederic Petton as Chief Executive Officer of Asendia UK. Frederic was previously Managing Director of La Poste UK, a post he has held since 2006.


09. June 2012

Swiss Post and the French La Poste announce launch of ASENDIA, combining their international mail activities

Swiss Post and the French La Poste formed an alliance of their respective international mail activities on 6 July, for which they have received all required regulatory approvals. The partners had announced their intention to establish the joint venture in December 2011. They are launching “ASENDIA by La Poste and Swiss Post”, a joint venture company equally owned by both partners that aims to become the leader in B2C solutions for international mail.

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