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Quality standards and accreditations

We want our customers to feel confident working with us at Asendia UK and know they can trust in us. To that end, we pride ourselves on the standards we achieve and approvals we  earn, as well as the industry experts we associate with.

As a global company, we face global challenges. Being ISO certified, for example, helps us face and tackle these demands and we work hard to meet the rigorous assessments in order to achieve those certifications.

We are environmentally conscious and demonstrate that through our ISO 14001 certification, using FSC® paper and engaging in a carbon mitigation scheme with the Woodland Trust, in which our customers are invited to take part.

Associations with relevant professional and trade organisations are important to us to ensure we know what goes on in our industry, what is affecting it and how we can improve our customer experience. Indeed, one of Asendia UK’s legacy companies, BTB Mailflight, was a founder member of the Mail Consolidators Association – now Mail Carriers Association – (MCA) and MDAS Plus (Mail Distribution Accreditation Scheme).


As well as a postal distribution company, Asendia UK also has a printing division, so we are extremely conscious that our business can have an impact on our environment if it is not managed properly. Our ISO 14001 certification proves to our customers that we take action in our everyday activities to reduce that impact. The ISO 14001 demonstrates that we have had to pass scrupulous assessments by an international standards organisation whose certifications are highly regarded and recognised all over the world. 

To achieve our ISO 14001 certification for Environment Management we:

  •  use fast and efficient digital printing presses to reduce the printing time and, therefore, the power to operate them
  • do not use harmful chemicals in our printing processes that may emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere 
  • use FSC® paper so we are confident it has come from a sustainable source
  • reduce our trucking miles to use less fuel by using our extensive delivery network, achieved by being part of the larger Asendia company
  • ensure mail is not wasted but delivered to the intended recipient by cleaning address databases to improve accuracy before despatch
  • provide customers with a channel to contribute towards their own ISO certification through their work with us.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is all about the quality management standards we adhere to at Asendia UK; the processes, products, needs, objectives and structure of our organisation and how we manage these interlinked elements and implement  them in our day-to-day business. It’s a benchmark for our customers to be assured they can expect consistent, good quality products and services from us.

We not only carry out regular internal audits to maintain standards, but also undertake two audits a year with independent assessors.



Our Print and Mailing House in Bedfordshire is an FSC certified center, the license code is FSC-C106541. We use FSC® paper whenever appropriate because we want to be sure our stocks come from forests where responsible management is promoted.

Data Protection

We are on the Data Protection Register (Z1156747) because we handle data. We want our customers to be confident that we take this process seriously, especially where sensitive data is concerned. To protect data even further, we operate a secure print and post room at our Kempston mailing facility.


We are approved members of the following postal, publishing and marketing industry associations:

  • Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 
  • Mail Carriers Association (MCA)
  • Associate Member of the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA)
  • DMA Response Handling Commitment Scheme
  • Founder Member of MDAS Plus (Mail Distribution Accreditation Scheme).


· Royal Mail Bronze Member, Mailing House Scheme.

· ‘Highly Commended’ by PPA at Magazine Production Awards 2006.