• Mail distribution and fulfilment services, from a world leader in postal solutions
    4 UK sites and 350 employees specialising in UK and global mail solutions. Colleagues in 15 countries worldwide, and we deliver mail to 220 destinations.
  • Mailing houses in Bedford and Southampton
    Our mailing houses provide quality printing and fulfilment services. We can handle mailings from 100 items to 1 million items. We have 5 envelope inserting machines, 5 polywrapping lines, and many printing and finishing options.
  • Specialist order fulfilment centre
    Storage, pick and pack, and international parcel services, all offered from our 63,000 sq ft order fulfilment centre in the UK.
  • Solutions for all delivery requirements
    Do you have daily despatches, regular mailings, or ad hoc mailings? We have solutions for business mail, direct mail, press, and small goods.
  • About Asendia
    Why choose Asendia? Who are we? Where are we? What are our values? Contact us or arrange a meeting.

Welcome to Asendia UK

We are a leading global provider of mail solutions, and in the UK we have 4 mailing facilities, including two mailing houses and an order fulfilment centre. We can simply collect and deliver your direct mail, business mail, publications or goods, or offer a complete printing, fulfilment, distribution and returns solution. The choice is yours.

Asendia UK was born when La Poste UK, Swiss Post, BTB Mailflight and Pitney Bowes International Mail Services UK came together in 2012. Our UK heritage goes back over 40 years, and with operations worldwide we are experts in international mail delivery as well as UK mail solutions.

  • Global postal solutions for business mail, direct mail, publications, and small goods (packets and parcels).
  • 2 mailing houses (ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and DMA accredited).
  • A 63,000 sq ft order fulfilment centre in Bedfordshire.
  • A large modern mail processing facility at Heathrow with air conveyance unit.
  • A digital printing division and print management department.
  • £100 million turnover and 400 employees in the UK.
  • Offices in 14 other countries, delivering mail and parcels worldwide.

Whether your mailing is for UK delivery or international distribution, it is 100 parcels, 1 million letters, or 20,000 magazines, we will have mailing services that suit you.

Our new range of international parcel services have further developed Asendia's position as a major player in international parcel services for ecommerce retailers, with new international parcel returns solutions soon to be launched too.

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Mail distribution only, or end-to-end solutions, it's up to you!

Asendia is not your typical postal services provider. We aim to add much more value than simply delivering your mail on time and in good condition. We can help you use the power of mail to acquire customers, communicate with customers, and gain customer loyalty.

We offer a wide range of Priority and Standard/Economy postal services and value added mailing services for:

Click on the diagram below for an overview of each solution.




International Business Mail - Postal Services

Asendia offers a specific Business Mail solution. These mailing services are perfect for mailing all of your business mail, whether it's daily business mail or periodic mailings.

Our business mailing services offer a Priority and a Standard deliver option, and can be used for:

  • Letters
  • Invoice mailings
  • Statements
  • Payslips
  • General correspondence

Whether you are sending out business mail from your offices every day, or you have regular or adhoc mailings, Asendia can help.

Business Mail Printing and Fulfilment Services

Both of our mailing houses provide a range of printing and fulfilment services for business mail. These mailing services can be used along with our UK mail and international mail postal services.

  • Data services
  • Printing of letters, invoices, etc
  • Envelop inserting by machine and by hand
  • Polywrapping services
  • Mail sorting
  • Returns handling

We print and fulfil millions of pieces of business mail per year. Whether you have 50 letters or 1 million letters Asendia can help you.

We even offer Europe's leading hybrid mail solution, Maileva.



Direct Mail Postal Services

Direct mail can still offer very good ROI and with new technology making production even more cost effective and personalisation easy, it's not surprising that more businesses are turning back to direct mail.

Asendia offer's offers two direct mail postal products. Easy Direct Mail and Expert Direct Mail.

The aim of our Direct Mail postal services are to help you acquire new customers with precision and make sure they stay with you for the long term through professional address checks and postage optimisation.

The result is successful direct marketing:

  • Maximised responses
  • Minimised waste
  • Optimised shipping costs to every country
  • Fewer non-deliveries
  • Improved response management

Direct Mail Printing and Fulfilment

Asendia UK can handle your entire direct mail campaign fulfilment, from supplying and cleaning mailing lists to printing and fulfilment.

We have a wide range of direct mail printing and fulfilment machinery, and can handle:

  • Catalogue polywrapping
  • Direct mail in envelopes
  • Self-mailers
  • Postcards
  • Letters

We can also sort the mail and address it in the format required to achieve optimised postal prices worldwide.

We handle simple direct mail fulfilment and low runs as well as complex campaigns with variable data and high volumes.



Mailing Your Publications

Asendia UK provides specialist distribution solutions to the press and publishing sector. We work with over 200 publishers, and mail many of the UK's best known magazines worldwide, plus many niche journals too.

We provide solutions where lowest cost delivery is the priority, and solutions where speed of delivery is the key driver. And although our prices are very competitive we will never cut corners. We appreciate that your publications need to be delivered in good condition and on time.

  • Priority mail
  • Standard/Economy mail
  • Press services (Presstream equivalents in other countries)
  • Direct entry
  • Newsstand distribution
  • Delivering to over 220 destinations worldwide

Fulfilment Services for Magazines and Journals

With 5 Sitma polywrapping lines, colour and mono printing, inkjet personalisation, and a range of inserting options, Asendia can handle mailings of 100 or 1 million publications. We handle hundreds of titles, from high profile B2C magazines to niche B2B journals.

  • 5 Sitma polywrapping lines (Bedford and Southampton)
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Colour or mono printing of address carrier sheets
  • Up to 10 inserts
  • Selective insertion available
  • Covermounting
  • Supply plain, printed, and varying grades of polythene
  • Preparation for postal distribution, and bulk distribution

As well as mailing services for magazines and journals, we also offer publishers:

  • Direct mail fulfilment
  • Subscriptions fulfilment
  • Pick and pack services



Shipping Goods Worldwide

We offer a wide range of international parcel services, from standard postal services to fully tracked and recorded international parcel services.

Our parcel services offer:

  • High global rate of received deliveries
  • Efficient tracking
  • Straightforward return option for customers
  • Customers select their favoured delivery channel
  • Competitive prices

Our international parcel services are used by leading brands, including major ecommerce retailers, as well as by many SMEs. Our eTracking platform is simple to integrate with, so that the online shopper's buying experience is seamless.

Pick and Pack Services

Our 63,000 sq ft Order Fulfilment Centre in Bedfordshire is used by retailers who want to benefit from outsouring their warehousing and pick and pack, and take advantage of our UK and international parcel services too.

Our Order Fulfilment Services include:

  • Warehousing
  • Kitting and collation
  • Pick and pack
  • Returns handling
  • Contact Centre

Our Order Fulfilment Services are ISO 9001 accredited so you can be assured of a high quality service that you can trust.




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