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Experience, talent and a passion for delivering outstanding solutions for our customers. From operational knowledge to sector expertise, our team combines some of the best leadership and management skills in the industry. Meet them below.

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Frederic Petton

Chief Executive Officer

Frederic Petton Chief Executive Officer

Frederic Petton joined La Poste in 1996.

He has held positions in Sales, Business Development, Strategy and Management in France, the USA and the UK, and is currently CEO of Asendia UK.

“I really like the variety and complexity of tasks in my role as CEO of Asendia UK. I enjoy working with incredibly dedicated individuals across the board,” he says.

As far as what he hopes to achieve as CEO, Frederic adds: “I am aiming to combine the best of four cultures – Swiss Post International, Pitney Bowes IMS UK, BTB Mailflight and La Poste UK – to ensure Asendia UK is recognised by our customers as being successful, innovative and quality-driven organisation.”

When he’s not working, Frederic likes to spend time with his family and friends.

And if Frederic could be mailed anywhere in the world? “Patagonia, at the southern tip of South America … especially if I can take my fly-fishing rod along!”

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Karla Hanna Gilson

Commercial Director

Karla Hanna Gilson Commercial Director

Karla joined La Poste UK in 2003 and held various management positions with the business, spanning departments such as; commercial, customer services, IT, and Transverse Projects. Prior to this Karla had four years of industry experience from Hays DX International as a Customer Services Manager.

At the beginning of 2015 Karla completed a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) specialising in business and finance strategy and managing performance and change.

Karla says, "I have enjoyed covering the challenges we have faced so far surrouding the integration of Asendia UK and I feel we are stronger as a result of this. I now look forward to growing the business and our presence in the industry! I work with some of the best minds in the business and I am continually amazed at how hardworking and dedicated they can be. I have a great Commercial Team, and we work well with all areas of the business which makes coming to work a pleasure and not a chore."

Outside of work, the mother of twins enjoys; music, dining out and socialising with family and friends.

And if Karla could be mailed anywhere in the world? "It would have to be to either New York or Cyprus. New York for the great nights out and the shopping, and Cyprus for the relaxation and the great family holidays I've enjoyed there."

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Mick Odell

Wholesale and Airside Sales Director

Mick Odell Wholesale and Airside Sales Director

Mick Odell started with BTB in 1989 and has been in freight forwarding and the express courier business for the majority of his career.

“I really enjoy the variety of the work I do, and the different challenges I face every day,” he says.

“I am hoping to be able to guide Asendia UK to a position where it offers an excellent range of competitively priced, related products, to mutually benefit both our customers and the company.”

When Mick has time off he enjoys playing golf and travelling. He also appreciates good food and wine.

And if Mick could be mailed anywhere in the world? “It would be Majorca – sun, sea and sangria!”

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Tony Reilly

Chief Financial Officer

Tony Reilly Chief Financial Officer

Tony Reilly is a Chartered Accountant, and before joining Asendia UK he held a variety of lead finance and business roles in the small to medium sized, hi-tech, start up space.

Tony says: “Asendia is a young company and we all have the chance to grow, shape and share, in its future. I see my role as helping to ensure the finance function is demonstrably value added, and that it delivers a first class service to all of its customers.”

When Tony is not working he likes to keep fit, socialise and spend time with his family in Bedfordshire.

If Tony could be mailed anywhere in the world? "My destination of choice would have to be any of the Balearic islands."

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Mike Doyle (In Memoriam)

IT Director

Mike Doyle (In Memoriam) IT Director

Mike joined Asendia UK in January 2016. In a career spanning more than 30 years he has held senior management positions responsible for IT service delivery, infrastructure, systems and product development as well as spending 5 years as an independent IT consultant helping organisations shape and implement change.

Mike says “Asendia is a young and dynamic company, full of dedicated people, which has a clear vision to make cross-border ecommerce easy and reliable – worldwide. My objectives are to ensure that IT supports this vision, enables the day to day business and innovates for the future success of Asendia and its customers.”

When he’s not working, Mike likes to spend time with his family and friends, travelling, and playing the occasional game of golf.

And if Mike could be mailed anywhere in the world ? “The snow covered mountains of Austria, with a set of skis and a Glühwein”

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Lloyd Webber

Sales & Marketing Director

Lloyd Webber Sales & Marketing Director

Lloyd Webber joined La Poste in 2003.

His previous industry experience includes three years with Hays DX International.

Lloyd says: “I work with some incredible people across the business and enjoy the ‘can do’ mentality and teamwork ethos evident every single day. It's infectious and a joy!”

As far as his hopes in his current role, he says: “I want to be instrumental in helping Asendia achieve its key strategic goals … growth.”

A keen Aston Villa fan, Lloyd also loves music and dining out (especially Italian food) with family and friends.

And if Lloyd could be mailed anywhere in the world? “Mail me to Jamaica – it’s about time I visited the birthplace of my parents.”

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Clare Wheeler

HR Director

Clare Wheeler HR Director

Clare has been with Asendia UK since the birth of the joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post in 2012, she worked for Swiss Post International UK from 2007. In previous roles, Clare worked for an international courier and airfreight company leading the HR function. She has also worked in the public sector for a training provider managing high profile accounts and training young people for entry to the workplace.

Says Clare: “I enjoy the variety and challenges of HR – people are complex, no two days are ever the same. HR touches and influences all parts of the business.”

Her objective is to ensure Asendia UK engages and retains employees to perform to the best of their ability. “By introducing new and innovative ideas, we will strive to be known as a progressive organisation offering opportunity in an exciting and ever changing environment,” she says.

Outside of work and people, Clare’s passions are planes and places, trying to visit a different country every year. The mother of two grown-up sons also loves cooking and entertaining and attempting to keep fit by going to the gym early in the day!

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Luis Barros

Production Director

Luis Barros Production Director

Luis started working in the postal and parcel industry in 2001, after completing a business management degree in Lisbon. Starting out in marketing and commercial, Luis has held management positions in production/operations team since 2003. In this time he has worked in Portugal, Belgium and the UK.

Luis says, ”Asendia UK combines a great deal of experience, with the constant desire to improve and innovate. This makes it a wonderful environment to work in. The production team is a true reflection of this, consisting of individuals who challenge themselves, positively, to achieve more and more every day.”

When he’s not working, Luis enjoys spending time with his young daughters, playing the guitar, cooking for family and friends, and of course travelling! Luis equally enjoys holidays that involves beach towels or snowboards, finding the experience and the company the most important aspect of any travel.

If Luis could be mailed anywhere in the world? With the spirit of a true adventurer, Luis says, “It’s a tough one, and hard to pick just one place with such a big world to explore. Send me somewhere I haven’t been, maybe starting with South America.”

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Carl Loader

General Manager

Carl Loader General Manager

Carl graduated in 1998 with a degree in Environment and Business Management, from Middlesex University.

Prior to specialising in international distribution, for both the marketing and e-commerce sector, Carl worked in the leisure and security industry.

With over 10 years in the industry, Carl has established himself well. In 2011, Carl introduced the industry’s first, and most significant, multinational postal solution while working for Asendia UK. In the same year Carl became Asendia UK’s Head of Group Development.

Since 2013 Carl has been working on the strategic development of Asendia UK’s e-commerce fulfilment business. During this time he set up multinational partnerships to help optimise Asendia’s global potential. In 2015, Carl was appointed General Manager to Asendia UK’s Fulfilment Facilities in 2015, and since then has held seats on associated international steering groups and projects relating to e-commerce fulfilment.

And if Carl could be mailed anywhere in the world? "Sandbanks in Poole, UK. I can get there quickly, it's a beautiful place with great bars and food."

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Mark Houghton

General Manager

Mark Houghton General Manager

Mark acquired significant experience in the logistics/courier sector for several years at management level. He has been responsible of the Asendia Southampton site since May 2013 and manages the whole division from production to staff and finance.

Mark says, "I really enjoy the complexity of Asendia UK and strive to deliver a quality focused division for our customers."

In his spare time, Mark enjoys surfing. He also loves cooking, keeping fit and spending time with his family.

And if Mark could be mailed anywhere in the world? "North Cornwall, where I can surf all day, and best of all limited phone signal!"