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  • A UK leader in international mail and parcel solutions
    4 UK sites and 350 employees specialising in UK and global mail solutions. Colleagues in 14 countries worldwide, delivering globally.
  • Solutions for all your delivery requirements
    We have solutions for business mail, direct mail, press, and goods, whether it's daily despatches, regular mailings or ad hoc requirements.
  • Specialist order fulfilment centre
    Storage, pick and pack, and international parcel services, all offered from our 63,000 sq ft order fulfilment centre in the UK.
  • Mailing houses in Bedford and Southampton
    Our mailing houses provide quality printing and fulfilment services. We can handle mailings from 100 items to 1 million items, for UK or international delivery.

Your global partner in e-commerce and mail solutions


Welcome to Asendia, a leading provider of global mail, parcel, & fulfilment solutions

Who are we?

Asendia is a partnership between La Poste and Swiss Post; world leaders in international mail and parcel services. We have operations in 15 countries, and in addition to UK and international postal services we have mailing houses and fulfilment centres worldwide, including UK.

What do we mail?

Business mail, direct mail, publications, and parcels (tracked and untracked) for businesses. With Priority, Standard, Economy, Registered and Tracked options. We also provide international returns solutions and comprehensive fulfilment services.

 Where do we mail?

We mail worldwide via our mail centre at Heathrow, and globally from 14 other countries too. As well as global mail, our mailing houses also handle UK mailings, and we provide UK and international parcel solutions from our fulfilment centre (tracked and non-tracked parcels).

Who works with Asendia?

Leading brands like Boden, The Economist, OK!, The Entertainer, and Diabetes UK choose Asendia, and hundreds of agencies, printers, and SME's also benefit from our solutions. A growing number of UK retailers are choosing our complete international ecommerce solution.

Why choose Asendia?


Why choose Asendia UK?


Asendia UK has genuine differences to our competitors that you could benefit from:

  • With over 350 employees across 4 sites in the UK, and a British heritage of over 40 years, Asendia UK provides unrivalled experience.
  • We have the most diverse service range, so Asendia is a key partner for all your domestic and global mailing needs.
  • Our size and global capabilities enable us to offer highly competitive prices.
  • If you choose our end-to-end service from print and fulfilment to post means you deal with just one supplier, providing consistent quality… not to mention saving you time and trouble.
  • With our founding partners, we have a global network and unrivaled expertise to France and Switzerland.
  • Sustainability is in our DNA. Since July 2014, our carbon offset scheme ensures all mail deliveries from European customers are carbon neutral, at no cost to the customer.
  • Our air conveyance unit at Heathrow gives us unique access to direct line hauls to over 200 destinations. Faster, more accountable, reliable.
  • Being part of a global organisation gives us financial stability, meaning your business can grow safely in our hands

Plus our experienced team are friendly professionals you can trust to find solutions that are easy to use. Just ask!



We have produced a number of videos to help you quickly and easily understand what we offer, plus videos to help increase your knowledge in ecommerce and direct marketing:

Key facts about us

Key facts about Asendia

  • A joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, two leading providers of global mail and parcel services.
  • Offices in 14 countries, delivering mail and parcels worldwide.
  • Global postal solutions for business mail, direct mail, publications, and goods (packets and parcels).
  • A sustainable and growing global business.

Key facts about Asendia UK

  • Asendia UK was born when La Poste UK, Swiss Post, BTB Mailflight and Pitney Bowes IMS UK came together in 2012.
  • £80 million turnover and 350 employees in the UK.
  • Head office at Heathrow with a large modern mail processing facility, including an air conveyance unit, handling up to 100 tons of mail per day.
  • We work with over 40 airlines and 60 mail partners in addition to postal operators in each country.
  • Mailing houses in Bedford and Southampton (ISO accredited).
  • A 63,000 sq ft order fulfilment centre in Bedford.
  • A digital printing division and print management department.

What do we mail?


What do we mail?


We specialise in mail and parcel services for businesses. Our product range consist of solutions for:

Examples of what we mail include: Letters, magazines, invoices, journals, directories, parcels, packets, direct mail, and catalogues.

We can handle anything from a few parcels per day, to a million letters in one mailing.

Where do we mail?


Where do we mail?


We mail worldwide from the UK and from our operations in 14 countries across the globe. 

We offer Priority, Standard and Economy delivery options, plus direct entry and registered services to many destinations, and a range of tracked parcel services to all key countries.

As our mother companies are La Poste and Swiss Post it comes as no surprise that we have unique access to the mail systems of France and Switzerland, but our network is also very strong worldwide.

Our mailings houses


Our mailing houses in Bedford and Southampton


We have a large mailing house in Bedford established in 1969, and a mailing house in Southampton with over 20 years experience. Both mailing houses provide quality accredited mail fulfilment services.

Our mailing houses have the expertise to produce mail ready to be injected into our global postal network, including UK mail services, so you benefit from optimised postage discounts.

  • Print services
  • Data services
  • Envelope inserting
  • Polywrapping
  • Handwork
  • Mail sorting

Our print services


Our print services


Asendia UK offers a comprehensive in-house printing solution, and for anything we cannot print or finish in-house we offer a low cost and high quality print management solution.

What print do you require?
We offer a range of printing services:

Our Order Fulilment Centre

Our order fulfilment centre

We have a large ISO-accredited Order Fulfilment Centre in Bedford providing high quality storage and pick and pack services.

Our customers include well known brands and SME's, and we fulfill products, literature, and marketing material for e-retailers, publishers, charities, tourist boards, etc.

  • Large modern 63,000 sq ft facility
  • Efficient storage and pick & pack
  • Fulfilment of single orders, consignments, & pallets
  • Fulfillment of products and marketing material
  • Postal and courier services worldwide
  • International distribution specialists as well as UK fulfilment
  • ISO9001:2008 quality accredited, low error rates
  • Scalable and flexible, and easy to get set up

Returns management

Returns management

Parcel returns management

Having a suitable returns process can be the difference between a shopper placing their order or abandoning their shopping cart. And when dealing with international shoppers it becomes even more important to have a parcel supplier that understands the local preferences of each market and has effective returns management systems in place.

We have a range of returns solutions, so contact us today.

Mail returns management

Handling returns yourself can be a costly process, and how often do the gone-aways actually get removed from your database? This means you have ineffective data which only causes wastage and harms your sales effort.

Why not let us handle your returns and provide you with an Excel file of gone-aways which you can upload to your database.



Postal Prices

Our postal prices are dependent on quantity, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight, size, and destination/s. So please contact us to discuss your requirements and opening an account.

Mailing fulfilment and print prices

If you wish to take advantage of our end-to-end solution (fulfilment, print and postage) we will need a brief from you so we can produce an Estimate as there are many elements to consider. Please contact us today, you may find this document useful: Mailing brief template and example of a brief

Order fulfilment prices

To provide prices for order fulfilment services (pick and pack) we need to know some details e.g. number of SKUs, expected order volumes, type of products, distribution requirements, etc. You can use this document: Order fulfilment brief questionnaire